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Dear Ross Shor Lynch,
You sir are a little shit, Why would you do this to us? You gave us a feel trip that we weren’t expecting. You say not at the moment, When ask if you were dating the wonderful, beautiful and the girl made for you Laura marano. Why did you have to add not at the moment? Why…

Its funny how he says no to fans and then replies with he doesn’t know and begins stuttering in a live interview. He literally said.: “I DON’T KNOW. … NOT YET… MAYBE ONE DAY.. ” Like how do you not know??!

So i totally agree with you ^

The “Not at the moment” part.. i can’t help but feel like he was being literal.. like since they hadnt started season 4 yet he was saying “not at the moment..” and he wouldn’t have added that so casually.. but whatever who knows what’s going on in Ross Shor Lynch’s mind.. am I right? Lol. Only he knows .

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